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Pryv SA Website Privacy Policy

Pryv SA will not usually share your personal information with other parties without your consent except where we are required to by Law or in connection with a criminal investigation.
The name of our company is coming from “privacy”, our core softwares are privacy-by-design components, so we take user privacy and data protection very seriously.

a) Regulation Compliance

This website is designed to comply with the following federal and international legislations with regards to data protection and user privacy:
EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)
CH Federal Act on Data Protection.

b) Personal information collected by this Website

This site can uses Google Analytics (GA) cookies to track user interaction. By default those cookies are deactivated. You can help us improving our web site by activating them from the cookie preference panel.

To know more about our cookies on web site, read:’s cookie policy

You can find Google Privacy Policy here. GA makes use of cookies and records data such as your internet browser, IP address, OS, screen resolution, device, … but we don’t have access to this.
Google Analytics can be considered as a third-party data processor.

c) Email links

If you contact us using an email link, none of the data that you supply will be stored by this website or processed by a third-party data processor.

d) Our Website Server

Pryv website is hosted by Gandi SAS (France).

e) Access to your personal information

You can find out what information we hold about you by making a subject access request under the relevant Data Protection Law.
To do so, please make the request in writing to Pryv’s registered address.

Please check this page occasionally for any policy changes.

If you are looking for Pryv Lab’s privacy policy, see:

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