A free, full production, easy-to-install open-source solution for the collection and management of sensitive personal and health data.


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Why open source

The Open release takes place at a time when the pandemic disruption has cast a harsh light on the notion of personal data collection and privacy respect, showing that there is a way to encourage personal data collection being done right. Open urges to build a world where privacy is the norm – not the exception as it is today.

Open a free and scalable personal data lifecycle management platform specifically engineered to empower developers to rapidly create and scale breakthrough, GDPR, and privacy compliant products, services, and experiences.

As developer productivity has become a competitive necessity, the ready-to-use Open is marking a turning point to de-complexify the development of personal data and digital health applications.

Data pooling, data aggregation, consent management, and data interoperability are among the Open’s capabilities that are raising the bar for delivering a reliable solution for collecting and managing heterogeneous sets of real-world personal data with full respect to privacy.