Let us answer your privacy questions @ Websummit

Pryv will join ‘The largest tech conference on the planet’ (Forbes) to showcase its solution for personal data privacy and consent management.

Personal Data has always been a hot topic for any industry player aiming at providing personalized services and building a long-term trusted relationship with their end-users. In healthcare, having access and analysing personal data is even more important as it accelerates the delivery of more personalized care, early diagnosis, chronic disease management and “smart” drugs prescription.

Regulators are taking actions to make sure that the confidentiality of such personal data is respected. While meeting global regulation compliance is seen by most businesses as a complex, costly and time-consuming task, we made it simple. Since 2012, thanks to pryv.io, we help companies to easily access and manage their personal data.

Let’s meet to show you how our data model, dynamic consent mechanism and distributed storage will help your product reach its market in terms of compliance, so you can benefit from building a trusted relationship with your users and receive a rapid payback.

Come see us and talk tech in Lisbon. To easily find us among the 70,000 attendees and book a session to to discover how your business can compliantly manage personal data and privacy, connect with

Francois Recorbet 

Pierre Mikael Legris  

Anastasia Bouzdine

or send us an email at pryv.com/contact/