Sleepiz Pryv Covid-19 remote

Sleepiz partners with Pryv to integrate respiratory and health data in hospitals’ EMR enabling remote Covid-19 patients monitoring at home.

This partnership brings two leading Swiss startups committed to accelerating healthcare’s digital transformation while maintaining the highest standard on information security and data privacy.

Lausanne / Zurich 7th October 2021 The Swiss-based pioneers in healthcare innovation, Sleepiz which provides a Medical Grade Respiration Monitor and Pryv, the health data, privacy and consent management solution provider announced today a strategic collaboration to foster hospital remote monitoring adoption at ease.

Covid-19 crisis put the spotlight on the digital roadmap of any hospital institution. The use of digital tools for improving outpatient care is growing faster than ever. At the rise of the expected 4th Covid-19 wave the healthcare systems are exponentially investing in adopting telehealth solutions and providing remote care as a secure and trusted alternative of traditional care. Reasons for telehealth investments by hospitals are multiple. Telehealth solutions allow hospitals to ease the burden on nurses and doctors while being able to cater to more patients and even focusing on the patients most in need through better triage. Although there are already a number of remote care technologies, adoption for hospitals remains challenging as most of them are not approved medical devices, lack privacy compliance and thus cannot be integrated in the heavily regulated processes the healthcare system has put in place.

To address this challenge and ensure a smooth workflow for physicians, caregivers and patients Sleepiz, the only medical grade (CE approved) contactless monitor and Pryv, a Swiss leader in privacy and patient data management solution provider, join efforts to bring a solution which not only meet the requirements of interoperability, easy and timely integration with the existing EHR, but delivers a ready-to-be-used platform for establishing trustful online communication with the patient. Sleepiz is the first healthcare company in Switzerland with ISO 277701 and ISO 27001 with certification of their system for data privacy and information security. is a privacy-centric middleware, used as a robust data management foundation to develop risk-controlled mHealth, eHealth, and InsurTech applications with confidence and in respect to IT and regulatory requirements. The solution is used to manage large and diverse streams of data coming from external platforms, wearable devices, EHR/EMR and health record systems.

This partnership will help hospitals move towards digitizing their infrastructure and integrating homecare monitoring seamlessly into their ecosystem.

About Sleepiz:

Sleepiz AG (Ltd.) is a Zürich based startup with a mission to provide patient-centric disease management through seamless integration of contactless monitoring into people’s homes. Sleepiz leverages the power of sleep insights with a device that is simply placed next to the bed. The device operates in a non-contact fashion and measures movements originating from heart contractions and breathing patterns, as well as body motions with medical grade accuracy.

While currently focusing on respiratory illnesses, Sleepiz aims to improve people’s lives by creating the future of healthcare. By making use of wireless millimeter wave technology, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence, in the future Sleepiz will not only be able to diagnose sleep disorders but also perform long-term monitoring. Thereby, the progression of chronic diseases will be monitored to allow faster intervention and better treatment.

Sleepiz is touching lives without touching.

About Pryv

Pryv provides privacy software for data-driven healthcare innovation and patient’s data governance. Our purpose-built backend helps organizations manage personal and health data from creation to use, sharing and disposal. We accelerate time to market, cut IT development costs and speed up connectivity to all data sources. Pryv addresses the enhanced citizen’s right under GDPR and turns privacy compliance into a competitive advantage. The solution is available in open-source and under licensing agreement. For more information, please visit