is used for the development of COTIDIANA mobile solution for remote monitoring of people with rheumatic conditions. 

COTIDIANA is a mobile solution that allows the remote monitoring of PROMs and sensor data from people with rheumatic diseases 


Rheumatic conditions are a problem that affects a great percentage of the world’s population, with a particular incidence in the elderly, since these diseases tend to increase with age. The time gap between medical appointments makes it difficult to monitor patients’ symptoms and experiences. COTIDIANA supports data collection at home, in a more holistic and efficient approach, through self-report by the patient (signs, symptoms, quality of life), and also by passive sensing which enable the analysis of information such as manual dexterity, gait, physical activity level and sociability patterns (indicative of well-being and mental health).  


The COTIDIANA solution will include a smartphone app for patients and a web portal, that will be accessed by health professionals and that will display data since the previous visit to the clinician. Data collection will contribute to people’s medical care and drug trials. For the platform development, 130 people will be included in 3 clinical trials, which are planned for 2022 in Austria and in Portugal. eHealth backend is used for the patient consent, the data collection, structure, sharing and storage, the integration with eCRF form and other clinical and hospital systems, as well as the foundation on which the COTIDIANA mobile and web-interfaces will be developed. The privacy-by-design and distributed data storage, alongside with the consent management and auditing capabilities of the eHealth backend will allow to achieve full compliance with GDPR, Swiss DPA, the specific ethical, clinical data and data protection regulations within the partnering and clinical institutions in Portugal, Austria and across Europe and will greatly facilitate complying with MDD and SaMD certification process. 


Starting in April 2021, the COTIDIANA is a 28-month project, financed by the AAL programme which involves 6 international partners: Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Definition12 AG, Mag. Andreas Raffeiner GmbH, Medizinische Universität Wien, and Pryv SA.  


The eHealth backend is available in open-source and under licensing agreement.