Agaetis and Pryv: Re-imagine Digital Transformation with Confidence in Data Privacy and Human-centricity

Human-centered and privacy-by-design digital transformation for the win.

Lausanne / Aubière 16th Feb 2021 Pryv SA and Agaetis announced a strategic collaboration to ensure the rapid digital transformation in industries collecting personal data. 

Incorporating natural human commitment, usability-centricity and subject matter expertise in privacy-by-design, Pryv and Agaetis deliver best in class digital transformation solutions respectful of privacy and seamless digital experiences, faster, at an optimized cost and right the first time.

“This partnership is for us, Agaetis, a great opportunity to co-work on great projects with Pryv, and its high level of expertise team. We feel that we are complementary partners to address companies’ needs regarding data privacy and its management, from the solution edition to its deployment, its setup. Our competencies allow us to even design and create bespoke applications for a full package.”  says Nicolas Roux, CEO at Agaetis.

2020 and Covid-19 undoubtedly accelerated digitization in any aspect of our lives, making a strong push over the technology tipping point at unimaginable speed. Companies have rapidly started developing digital platforms that process customers’ personal data pumping great amounts of user data into their system: from digital health and remote monitoring of patients, education, infrastructure optimizations and consumer behaviour analysis in almost any industry one could think of. For each of these new digital offerings, there are a number of privacy pitfalls that if neglected will easily lead to very damaging results and loss of business. Meeting the highest privacy regulations became must-have priority for development teams.

Solid, flexible, ready to use, here are some adjectives that perfectly describe why we trust the solution. Perfect if you want to deploy a data framework managing data privacy, we figured out that it’s still manageable to even adapt it to an existing data management solution, as we experience it with one of our projects. The easy-to-use and heavily documented open-source tool, as well as the good communication with the Pryv team, confirm our choice! We are convinced that we will use this privacy solution in our projects, of course in the healthcare field but we are confident that it could be deployed on others.” says Nicolas Roux, CEO at Agaetis.

Yet, to achieve winning digital transformation, technology is not enough on its own: understanding the relation between humans and technology is crucial to develop sustainable digital transformation. Often misunderstood, human-centric digitalization is not just about engaging UI and UX. 

To deliver a truly human-centric digital experience, it is essential to focus on key concepts about exactly understanding user needs, so that benefits exceed the cost of sharing personal data. This is the first and most critical step on building trusted, long term relationships.” says Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO at Pryv “We are very excited to collaborate with Agaetis: Passionate about innovative technology and cultivating collective intelligence, Agaetis integrates this cocktail into its productions. Data science and AI are in Agaetis DNA. Blended with our expertise in data privacy and technology stack for data acquisition, management and storage, we can offer a complete 360 digital transformation solution. “ 

About Agaetis:

Based in Paris, Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand, Agaetis is the Data and Innovation consulting subsidiary of the Novencia Group. It is a large family of 400 people with more than 60 consultants and experts in data sciences. Agaetis is a firm that upholds convictions and takes responsibility for the sectors that will shape our future environment: health, agriculture, industry, mobility and energy. Their partners and references are the basis of their experience, their capitalisation. It becomes their strength to advise and provide relevant solutions. For more information, please visit:

About Pryv SA: Pryv makes essential software for personal and health data-driven innovation. Our purpose-built middleware helps organizations manage personal data from creation to use, sharing and disposal. We accelerate time to market, cut IT development costs and speed up connectivity to all data sources. Pryv addresses the enhanced citizen’s right under GDPR and turns privacy compliance into a competitive advantage. For more information, please visit