A modular white-label communication tool to simplify telemedicine development: By Dreamix & Pryv

Digitization of the Medical and Healthcare industry is crucial today. With the Covid-19 pandemic crisis we can once again see how valuable is trustful, fast and on point healthcare data collection, analysis and communication.

The Paradox of TeleMedicine in Pandemia – beyond the buzzword, an (un)expected reality

To speed-up the development of telemedicine solutions, Dreamix, a partner of Pryv, is developing an OEM modular communication tool which is to be offered to software and hardware companies. Developed on the basis of Pryv.io, the solution would enable secure, instant communication and sensitive data transfers, following highest privacy standards and ensuring full control over the provided information.

Privacy-by-design, embedded consent management, easy data integration, guaranteed data safety, allowing patients to remain aware of how their data is handled following the Swiss DPA, GDPR, HIPAA and other health and personal data protection regulations,  this patient-doctor communication layer will greatly simplify and support the development efforts of clinics, software and hardware healthcare providers which would like to offer trustful, secure, digital communication between doctors and patients.

Request demo of the modular OEM telemedicine communication tool for clinics, software and hardware healthcare providers.