Open Source Solution now available on Exoscale Cloud Platform

Lausanne, Switzerland, December 8th, 2020 – The Swiss leading provider of privacy and personal data management software, Pryv SA, and the European alternative cloud platform, Exoscale, announced the deployment of Open Source Solution on Exoscale cloud platform which will empower developers to start creating personal data collecting apps in one click in a privacy-compliant way. 

Open software ready-to-go on Exoscale marketplace, allowing you to deploy Open Pryv instantaneously with minimal start-up configuration.

The privacy-minded IaaS platform Exoscale now includes Open on its marketplace,  among its collection of solution templates, services and components to boost productivity and strengthen application development.

Simple, free, and ready-to-use solution engineered to create and scale privacy-compliant products, services and experiences based on personal data. Companies willing to use Open can now do so by launching their platform in a breeze on Exoscale, and benefit from the powerful and high-performance European cloud service.

The Pryv and Exoscale partnership points out the way towards privacy-by-design as a critical tool to achieve compliance at all times, and become game-changers in proper data ownership

Through this partnership, the Exoscale cloud platform positions itself as a key enabler for personal data collection being done right from day one by developers, and strives to build a world where privacy would be the norm – and not the exception as it is today.

Building on ensures you secure access and compliant management of personal data today. Now launched in seconds with Exoscale.

About Exoscale:

Exoscale is a European cloud platform that is both powerful and enjoyable to use. It offers services and on-demand resources that developers could use easily to test things out and build cloud native applications.

Exoscale allows developers to start virtual machines in seconds, store petabytes of data and easily integrate your on-premises or multi-cloud deployment.

About Pryv:

Open is a free and scalable personal data lifecycle management platform specifically engineered to empower developers to rapidly create and scale breakthrough GDPR and HIPAA compliant products, services, and experiences. 

Based on years of tests & analysis, the software has been developed to accommodate rapid integration. Businesses in highly regulated markets, such as the healthcare industry, can benefit from using to manage personal data in a compliant way for the development of scalable personalized products.