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HeartKinetics, the daily home cardiac monitoring solution, chose privacy middleware to manage patients data and consent, rightfully.

Privacy-preserving-by-design using software, the OKCARDIOTM smartapp by HeartKinetics allows patients to easily monitor the cardiac function from home in less than 2 minutes, saving time travelling to the hospital and receiving more frequent analysis.

Lausanne, Switzerland / Gosselies, Belgium – October, 2020 The Swiss leading provider of privacy and personal data management software, Pryv, was selected by The European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) Inventor Award winner of 2017, the Belgium provider of daily home cardiac monitoring solution, HeartKinetics, to embed granular patient consent management and ensure data privacy compliance with existing and forthcoming regulations.

Being one of the companies incubated at ESA BIC Belgiumbased on over 10 years of research on astronaut cardiac function and its deconditioning in microgravity, HeartKinetics drives a real change for more than 121 million people living with cardiovascular disease (CVD) by turning frequent hospital visits for cardiac monitoring into a thing of the past. Instead, thanks to the advances made in the smartphone motion sensors and over 10 years of space research, patients can be diagnosed quickly or monitored remotely when they are discharged from the hospital. OKCARDIO in particular provides over six vitals parameters including breathing rate, heart rate and heart rate variability as well as exclusive cardiac strength and kinetic energy as signs of the mechanical and hemodynamic function.

“For the cardiologist, it is essential to assess both the heart’s rhythm function, and the mechanical function, which is usually done with echocardiography and lengthy examinations. Although there are many wearables for rhythm assessment, there is no such solution for the mechanical function assessment of the heart. Being able to provide a complete overview of the cardiac function with a simple smartphone is ground-breaking. Using technology, we can ingest different types of high frequency data streams concurrently and efficiently, without compromising on privacy and security.“ – says Pierre-François Migeotte, CEO at HeartKinetics.

HeartKinetics presents two solutions, the OKCARDIOTM smartphone app that measures myocardial activity through the smartphone’s motion sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes, which, when placed on the chest, can record myocardial contraction efforts and rhythm. The second one, “the KINOTM” portable device, is a medical device made of two units, one of which is placed on the chest and the other on the lower back. After an initial calibration by a cardiologist, patients can take measurements at home in less than two minutes and transmit them for diagnosis via a smartphone or tablet. This provides an accurate assessment of both mechanical and electrical myocardial functions, together with hemodynamic parameters.  Based on the patient’s consent, captured and managed by technology,  KINO can frequently share information about a patient’s cardiac health status with their healthcare teams  which is essential for the management of heart failure.

People living with cardiovascular disease have been among those affected the most during the pandemic. It became clear that there is an urgent need to bring remote monitoring solutions for performing cardiac function tests at home. HeartKinetics addresses such a need with an easy-to-use, breakthrough, scientific-proven technology, already tested and validated, that makes remote heart monitoring possible in a quick and efficient way, from the comfort of the patient’s home. In addition, patients can easily communicate with their physicians and share their data confidently among medical teams with full respect of the data privacy.” says Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO at Pryv SA.

Preserving privacy in remote health is not a miracle, but the way to be:’s privacy by design technology provides a robust, secure and consent-based backend solution that is designed to prove this. Moreover, the Pryv and HeartKinetics collaboration confirms that it is possible to empower doctors and patients with a deep respect for the confidentiality of the data.

The combination of HeartKinetics health innovation and privacy technology brings light to a critical issue in a time of emerging need. It provides a sustainable, pandemic-proof healthcare solution that is aligned with stringent data privacy requirements.

The KINO device has already been used in clinical trials in the Netherlands Germany and Belgium. OKCARDIO is in its final stage of clinical validations and will be available in 2021.

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About HeartKinetics

HeartKinetics builds the cardiac remote monitoring solutions for the smart hospitals of the future. Based on motion sensors our solutions deliver parameters that would usually require an echocardiography. With OKCARDIO and KINO, the patients data are instantly under the eyes of their specialist who can confidently base their diagnostic on objective and proven clinical data. For more information, please visit &

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