The Personal Data LifeCycle, sorted out by Pryv.

The Data LifeCycle refers to the sequence of stages a specific unit of data undergoes within an organization: from the time it was generated or collected, to the time it was stored, used, shared, archived and deleted.

Companies tend to put their best resources and minds on getting the best product for their users – it’s normal. But in doing so, a number of organizations are failing at organizing their data lifecycle. First, it is not a simple task: it’s a blend of legal, IT and business-logic actions which need to be designed to meet current data and regulatory requirements, as well as to last over time. 

Also, very often, while focusing too much on the data processing stage, organizations forget about the importance of carefully managing the data at all of its stages, which can rapidly become an issue. 

Data without proper management can not only create privacy and security gaps, but also position the entire operations of the company at risk. Not to mention the fact that you would probably get more insights from the data once you’ll have a clear picture of your company’s entire data economy.

Hence, having a proper oversight of the data lifecycle stages and how to implement them within your organization is absolutely essential: not only to achieve business efficiency and properly address all relevant privacy and data protection requirements, but also to ensure seamless interoperability and scalability.

  • Does your system have interoperability capabilities to allow easy integration and manage diverse data-sets? Can it scale over time?
  • Does your system properly address all the current regulatory requirements? Are you ready to adapt to forthcoming changes?
  • Is your company prepared to efficiently handle users’ data requests: “where is my data? Who does access it? Can you delete it?”
  • Can you prove that you have executed your users’ rights and consent correctly?

At Pryv, we made it our core business to answer these critical questions, and made available for businesses a ready-to-use solution to manage personal data, rightly. 

Meet Simple, yet remarkably powerful personal data management platform. is an extensible personal data lifecycle management platform specifically engineered to empower businesses to rapidly create and scale breakthrough, privacy compliant products.

  • Its data model is precisely designed to aggregate and distribute multiple sources of information. The API allows you to easily collect and store any type of personal data.
  • Dynamic consent and auditing capabilities ensure that beyond allowing your users to benefit from their lawful rights, you can prove that they were respected and executed rightly.
  • Decentralized and per-user data storage distribution are also included as must-have features to guarantee your business scalability across legal environments.

Focus on your core business knowledge and let optimize your organization’s resources for a responsible, efficient, and lawful collection, use, sharing and disposal of information.

(1) Data Collection: Seamless connectivity, interoperability with no-limits. allows you to collect data from any source of information, including, but not limited to: 

  • Internet of things (IoT) devices 
  • Mobile applications
  • Server-side data collection for web-enabled applications
  • Any other source

It further supports collecting, aggregating and storing data, such as: files, health metrics, locations, audio samples, notes, pictures, activities… you name it! So that you can collect any type of data you need to fulfill the purpose of your organization – today, tomorrow, and beyond.

While we already implemented a various number of Standard Types for the data, our customers are allowed to design their own data models and implement it under Pryv’s conventions if needed.

To know more about how allows you to collect and aggregate data from multiple sources for a subject, you can take a peek at our Data Modelling Guide which further explains Pryv’s Data collection. High Frequency: unleashing IoT Connectivity with High Throughput Data Ingestion.

In case data is collected by IoT devices, Pryv goes even deeper and unleashes IoT Connectivity with High Throughput Data Ingestion. Ingesting data at almost any speed your underlying system allows, making storing data at high frequency a breeze for your organization.

(2) Data Aggregation and Structure: All data is kept per-user, total control over privacy

The value of combining a robust amount of data and diverse datasets is essential for providing personalized offerings. We understand that and offer you a way to do it efficiently, compliantly.

Inherently, all data is collected at a specific moment in time. We thus designed a data structure that approaches all collected data as “time-stamped data”, providing companies with an interoperable structure that is easy to understand and work with.

This extendable and scalable solution allows for unlimited types of data to be structured in a unified model and organized hierarchically, enabling the data to bring meaningful insights to organizations.

Based on “streams” and “events”, provides a unique ontology (Pryv SA know-how and trade secret, labelled as fully “Swiss made” technology) that allows for interoperable structure designed to serve Privacy and Development Teams. Data Model: Data structures for interoperability

To let data be easily understood and exchanged across systems, we provide an open directory of standard types, which we recommend developers use when interoperability is a concern (read more)

(3) Data Storage: Decentralized design to span the globe with no bottleneck.

Organizations should always know what data they are collecting, who can access it, and who will effectively access it before making any decision about where the data should live.

With, you can easily store data into a distributed environment to enable local (on- premise/per choice) Regulations Compliance, and even create installations that span the globe and co-locate the data with the users’ legislation.

Based on a powerful distributed model, users are distributed among servers with no global bottleneck.

Each user account can be served by a different server, which can be located anywhere. The capabilities are set by the architectures in terms of bandwidth and storage. The architecture is designed according to the client’s needs.

(4) Data Sharing: Dynamic Consent and Protected Access.

A clear sharing mechanism allows giving access to selected pieces of data to anyone, while still retaining full control over the data. enables you to define accesses with different levels of permissions for third-parties to interact with your data, or only particular folders of your data.

Through a sleek “campaign manager”, it manages access permissions of multiple accounts, making storing accesses of multiple data subjects that gave you their consent easier. The perfect solution to be able to retrieve all data accesses and facilitate data aggregation.

Learn more about Pryv Consent Aggregation on our dedicated web page.

(5) Data Audit: Transparency at a glance. provides access to audit logs and pre-built compliance services. The Audit logs keep track of details about the actions performed by clients against accounts through the API. 

A full audit trail documenting interaction with the data is embedded in the solution: who does create the data-point, when and under what granularity a consent is given. A proof that any access is authorized is provided  by listing all the processes applicable under GDPR, such as: who did access and review the data and when. facilitates compliance with existing and future data protection and privacy regulations on a global scale.

(6) Data Retrieval: protected backups for your users. allows you to provide your users with the option to backup their data on their computer.

For example, we developed a ”blue button” app, which will allow the data to be exported as JSON files and packed inside a password protected zip in one click.

(7) Data Deletion: Data erasure on demand – proven and safe.

One of the biggest issues with the data collection is that very rarely it is made clear for how long the data will be stored before being deleted. Only a few businesses provide their users the option to use the “download” and “delete” buttons. proposes a specific mode that enables isolation of per-user data in back-ups for deletion. Lifecycle Data Management Platform allows you to manage your data, rightly. 

While your core business revolves around data collection, ours revolves around you. We thus made sure that our platform not only offers you a successfully proved solution, but also addresses all your concerns:

– Deploying on your infrastructure is made within minutes.

– We continuously develop sleek adoption tools that make it easier for you to work with your desired data-sets. Documentation, libraries, demos… Everything you need for faster integration.

Book a demo and tell us more about your project/issues, we’ll be happy to help!


Evelina Georgieva, co-founder @ Pryv SA

Stephanie Tischhauser, Privacy Expert & Digital Content Writer @ Pryv SA


Pryv helps life sciences and healthcare organizations preserve data privacy and rigorously manage personally identifiable information from creation, to use, sharing and disposal.  

Our software accelerates patient-centric innovation and addresses the enhanced data individual’s rights under GDPR such as transparency, portability and right-to-be-forgotten.