Beyond data: helps you win users’ trust: collect and use their personal data rightly

Managing Personal Data Rightfully from The First Time and Overtime

Today, collecting personal data is made easy, many would say. 

While collecting data can be easy, getting valuable insights from it is certainly not. 

Even more, managing it properly so that you win your users’ trust and stay on top of the regulations is the hard job to do.

  • What if you could spend less time worrying about how to manage personal data?
  • What if you could use this time to increase your users’ trust and engagement?
  • What if you could focus on your own benefits and return on your data investments?

With, we enable you to manage personal data rightfully – from the first time and overtime. 

No matter the existing and upcoming regulations on data protection, our software allows you to remain compliant at all times and to build a trustful relationship with your users.

So how does it work? Let’s walk through a basic use case to see how solves data privacy challenges.

Collecting personal data in real-time allows you to gain valuable insights quickly and to make decisions accordingly. 

Let’s say that you have built an algorithm that computes allergen exposure based on geolocation data and displays it on your app to users and their doctors.

This involves three types of actors : 

  1. Your app users;
  2. Your algorithm, that processes the geolocation data of the users and computes the allergen exposure;
  3. Doctors, who consult the allergen exposure data and provide feedback to the app users.

Your algorithm takes the personal geolocation data, processes it, outputs the allergen exposure and shares it with the user (patient) and doctors on the digital app at any time.

Easy? Well, sounds easy enough to collect personal data until you need to prove that you have the right to collect it and handle data privacy correctly.  

  • The geolocation of your user is a personal, sensitive data.
  • Your user has the right to revoke his consent and to decline sharing this sensitive data with any other third-parties (such as doctors, in this use case). 

However, your user really wants to use your app to help him and to be guided by his doctor about his allergen exposure. Is this possible? We made a simple way to do it. 

Sensitive Personal Data Sharing, Simplified.

Only the algorithm needs to see the geolocation data, and nobody else, so why not just restrain the read access of the geolocation data to the algorithm?

And restrain the allergens data to the user and his doctor?

And oh, what if his doctor wants to communicate his feedback to the user?

Starts to get a bit more complex, mmh ?

Let’s draw it simply in “streams” and display the data using Pryv Data Model :

Pryv Data Model Allergens

When structuring the data in “streams” (which act like folders on your computer), you will be adding “events”, corresponding to time-stamped data in the related stream, and managing the level of “access” to this stream (‘read’, ‘manage’, ‘contribute’ or ‘create-only’).

For example, the stream “Position” will only contain events of type “position/wgs84”, whereas the stream “Allergens” will contain substreams of allergens (“Pollen”, “Cereal crops”, etc) with events of type “density/kg-m3” …

Now you see how our data model in streams and events is helpful. 

It has never been that easy to take and share only a piece of data, with different levels of access.

For your app, it means that: first, the data is collected, aggregated from different sources and structured in the right way in Then, it enables your app users to decide what they want to share and with whom, and to revoke that access at any time.  And finally, it gives you peace of mind for any data privacy regulations, as all the requirements to meet are already designed in 

As an app user, you decide if you :

  • want the algorithm only to be able to see your geolocation? 

Share the stream “Position” with a “read” level.

  • want your doctor to see your allergen exposure? 

Share the stream “Allergens” with a “read” level.

  • want your doctor to give you feedback and advice? Share the stream “Doctor’s feedback” with a “manage” level, enabling the doctor to add his comments in newly created child streams of this stream.

This can be all automated by creating access requests from your app. It will send a notification to your user to request access to the stream  “Position” stream on a “read” level and to “Allergens” on a “manage” level.

Pryv example Data Allergens

Building a Trustful Relationship with Your Users, made easy.

By structuring the data you collect in this way and sharing the data of your user at a very granular level only to authorized third-parties with the user’s explicit consent, you establish a trustful relationship. 

The more trust your users have in your app, the more data they will share.

According to the data your users are willing to share, you will be able to adapt the user interfaces to the different third-parties and display only authorized data.

Data Aggregation Alergens Allergens Example Data Aggregation Pryv

Respecting your user’s privacy will make your users more prone to share personal information with you. 

And the more data you will get, the more you will be able to provide valuable insights for your customer.

Pryv values usecase allergens

It has never been so easy to bring confidence to your customers. Simple, fast and effective, building your own solution on top of ensures you a long and trusted relationship with your users. So you can spend less time worrying about how to manage personal data and use this time to increase your users’ engagement. 

Now, focus on your own benefits and return on your data investments.

With, we enable you to manage personal data rightfully – from the first time and overtime. 

Ana @ Pryv