Medisanté and Pryv Collaborate to Simplify Remote Patient Monitoring and Guarantee Privacy-by-Design

The importance of maintaining patient confidentiality in a connected healthcare ecosystem often results in de-correlating the personal identity – which is still the preferred way to achieve compliance for care providers and research teams. However, keeping a privacy-ensured direct communication channel between the patient and the researcher or the health professional is required for a number of remote monitoring solutions.  

Medisanté and Pryv join forces to combine the best of both worlds, thus making Remote Patient Monitoring simple and scalable while ensuring GDPR compliance out-of-the-box.

Lausanne/Lucerne, Switzerland, March 19th, 2020 – The Swiss leading provider of privacy and personal data management software, Pryv SA, and Medisanté Group AG, the world’s leading provider of direct-to-cloud medical IoT infrastructure, announced a strategic collaboration.

A simple and secure solution for remote monitoring of patients at home is ready to be implemented by any home-care service and healthcare facility, globally. The platform addresses the imperatives across the continuum of care: focusing on delivering seamless user experience, reliable health-metrics, and establishing a patient-to-care team relationship, without compromising on data privacy and digital ethics.

 ”Today, more than ever, remote access to care is nothing less than an indispensable service. We are thrilled to be able to work with Medisanté products, which have been proven in delivering the unbeatable strength of accessibility, connectivity, and usability.” says Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO at Pryv. “Leveraging on Medisanté’s zero-touch medical IoT infrastructure, we are determined to ushering remote patient monitoring and telecare where it is needed the most, to anyone, at any time”

Strengthening the adoption of innovative digital health solutions relies on two main pillars: usability and trust. The personal patient data is critical and highly sensitive- thus, undoubtedly, security and privacy are at the core of designing reliable medical-grade digital solutions. GDPR, MDR, national-specific regulations and reimbursement plans set up high entry barriers for medical IoT and digital healthcare providers, leaving them no choice but to comply. The regulations make it clear: « consent should be explicitly and freely given». Moreover, any system provider should be able to offer an opt-out option at any given time.

“Our strategic partnership with Pryv offers a major added value to care organizations and CROs using our solution for Remote Patient Monitoring, as it allows them to guarantee data privacy. It also gives them top-grade tools to manage explicit consent to share patient data with the various stakeholders, such as health insurances in countries where reimbursement of RPM is dependent of a minimal number of measurements performed by the patient each month.” – Gilles Lunzenfichter, CEO and Co-founder of Medisanté

Harnessing the power of medical IoT devices allows keeping track of patients’ health outside of the healthcare premises, drastically decreasing costs, optimizing resources and most importantly significantly improving the well-being and comfort of patients.

Facilitating the care teams’ daily operations while scaling up telemonitoring to millions of chronic and elderly patients is a reality now. Not tomorrow, but today. Book a demo.

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About Medisanté:

Medisanté is headquartered in Switzerland and is an innovation champion in the Personal Connected Health Alliance where it chairs the direct-to-cloud workgroup. Its global direct-to-cloud medical IoT infrastructure radically simplifies the integration of Patient Generated Health Data into clinical systems. It combines the best of global tech for anonymous device data with the best of healthcare privacy for sensitive patient data. By abstracting hardware complexity and diversity in the home of the patient, Medisanté allows Remote Patient Monitoring to scale anywhere in the world. Its cellular devices and cloud-based hub – ELIOT Hub – abstract physicians from the complexity of devices and allow them to focus on achieving better medical outcomes for remote patients within their existing clinical systems. It also allows bio-medical engineers to manage remotely the device fleet across multiple types of devices as they would normally do within the hospital.


About Pryv:

Pryv makes health personal data processing as secure and trustworthy as online banking. We help organizations manage personal data from creation through use and sharing, as well as address the enhanced data subject rights under GDPR such as transparency, portability, and right-to-be-forgotten. Our solution,, is an extensible personal data lifecycle management platform specifically engineered to empower developers to rapidly create and scale breakthrough GDPR and HIPAA compliant products, services, and experiences. The software has been developed to accommodate rapid integration. It comes with turnkey IoT connectivity, a secure storage vault, fine-grained consent management, and comprehensive auditing capability that radically cut IT development costs and accelerate time-to-benefit while addressing the most stringent data protection requirements.