, personal data privacy and consent solution, now available in Canada 

November 6th, 2019 (Lausanne, Switzerland / Montreal, Canada) – Pryv, a Swiss-based and  leading European provider of privacy compliance and personal data management software, has officially announced that it is partnering with Peel Solutions to distribute, its personal data privacy and consent management solution in Canada. The partnership allows Pryv to set foot in North America and accelerate its international expansion.

In Canada, the healthcare sector is the second largest sector affected by non-respect of data privacy.

Michael Benitah, President & Owner at Peel Solutions, said: “The legislation surrounding privacy in healthcare in Canada is very complex, with at least 14 different frameworks for protecting private information in existence. As the vast amount of digitized patient information continues to grow, is an ideal solution because it meets the needs of businesses to manage privacy in an effective and transparent way in line with the strictest data regulations – not just for today, but also for the long term .” 

Since its inception, Peel Solutions aims at identifying the best-in-class innovative solutions to address key market needs.

“We fully collaborate with start-ups and scale ups from around the world, such as Pryv, and collaborate in expanding market shares and managing newly established business relations more effectively in Canada because we understand how their unique solutions answer number of local challenges.“said Michael Benitah. “Combining our industry, functional and technical expertise with the experience and capabilities of allows us to provide a stronger offering to mHealth and other businesses, which manage personal data, ensuring that they consistently exceed their development and market goals.” is an extensible personal data lifecycle management platform specifically engineered to empower developers to rapidly create and scale breakthrough data privacy compliant products, services and experiences. Empowering number of mHealth, MedTech and Life Sciences innovation projects and businesses, has already a proven track-record of accelerating the development of personal data-centric platforms, 15 times faster and60% cheaper, and 100% right the first time, compared to in-house developments.

“Partnering with Peel Solutions expands our global  reach and is in line with our international development strategy,” said Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO of Pryv. “The addition of Peel Solutions dedicated team, with its unique focus and expertise in the Canadian mHealth market, solidifies Pryv’s position as a 1st-choice provider to healthcare innovators and businesses that deal with sensitive personal data at a global level.”

About Peel Solutions

Peel Solutions, established in 2012 and based in Montreal, has a wide portfolio of software solutions expanding into many fields of expertise going from Business Intelligence, to mHealth, Cybersecurity and Data Protection.  With our passion for technology at the core of our business operations, Peel Solutions enables its clients to meet their fully respected potential. Through the consultation of our wide range of innovative multi-sectorial technologies, we are determined to efficiently answer our clients’ business needs and stimulate exciting new opportunities.

About Pryv

Pryv SA is a Swiss software editor, founded in 2012, with offices in Switzerland and France.

Pryv makes health personal data processing as secure and trustworthy as online banking.

This paradigm creates new opportunities to turn compliance investments into a competitive advantage by breaking data silos, differentiating products and services, and attracting end-users with trust, transparency and empowerment. Our mission is to foster data-driven healthcare innovation and accelerate the time-to-market of e-health products and services by providing a turn-key Privacy by Design solution,,  that helps development teams to build patient-centric digital experiences faster and cheaper in compliance with global personal data protection regulations. The software has been developed to accommodate rapid integration. It comes with turnkey IoT connectivity, a secure storage vault, fine-grained consent management and comprehensive auditing capability that radically cut IT development costs and accelerate time-to-benefit while addressing the most stringent data protection requirements