Design your Remote and Decentralized Clinical Trials with is a simple, yet remarkably powerful personal data management platform, used as a foundation to execute clinical trials remotely while keeping participants safe and empowered through digital and mobile technologies, improving patient access, experience and reporting of outcomes in a reduced trial timeline.

  • Spreading Adoption of Telehealth Solutions
  • Fostering eConsent Acceptance
  • Leveraging Real World Evidence Data
  • Reporting Patient Outcomes

Swiss-made is a ready-to-use personal data lifecycle management software, specifically engineered to empower CRO and Pharma organizations to design and run decentralized, remote and direct-to-patient clinical trials.

  • Trials are executed through tele-healthcare, i.e. conducted remotely with participants staying at home.
  • Patients can give their consent remotely (eConsent).
  • Physician visits can be done remotely (telemedicine).
  • Data can be captured remotely via digital biomarkers (medical devices, wearables, apps).
  • Real-World Data can be captured (geolocation, environmental exposure such as temperature, sun, humidity, and allergens).
  • Lifestyle data can be integrated (nutrition, sleep, stress…).
  • Multi-centric clinical trials are conducted where data is stored in different locations.
  • Full compliance is respected in terms of data lifecycle management, patient rights, user access control and audit.

“Our platform will not only capture patient data but will also give participants a view on their own trial dataset, sending a strong message of transparency and inclusivity, which can truly engage them.”

Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO Pryv SA