Blood Pressure, Data Privacy Management, Pryv

Pryv, Altran and CSEM introduces Riva Digital oBPM Blood Pressure Monitoring app

Hypertension (High BloodPressure) is the #1 most spread disease in Switzerland- 1 in 5 Swiss is affected.

“High BloodPressure is a silent killer, it doesn’t hurt and  you do not feel it, until it is too late” says Dr. Thomas Guggi, Project and Technical Lead at Riva Digital.

At Pryv, we are honoured to support Riva Digital initiative at its mission to increase the health literacy of the Swiss society by providing a solid data management foundation to enable data collection, structure, storage and sharing.

The oBPM app is collaboratively developed by Pryv, CSEM, Altran within digitalswitzerland initiative.