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HealthyHealth Selects Pryv to Strengthen GDPR Compliance and Unleash Collection of Lifestyle Data

Lausanne, August 16, 2018 — HealthyHealth, the leading UK-based InsurTech solution provider, has chosen Pryv to strengthen its breakthrough preventive healthcare system with rigorous GDPR compliance and seamless wearables/devices connectivity. The integration of is designed to meet the increasing demands from customers and regulatory body for more transparent and trustworthy management of sensitive personal information.

HealthyHealth encourages healthy behavior through algorithms and research data predicting people’s risk for medical conditions based on their lifestyle data. By using their services, people can take better care of their health, employers can nurture a healthier workforce while insurers can better engage their customers, personalise their services (offer lower premiums) and reduce liabilities.

“Pryv gives us the required privacy rigour to build and maintain the trust critical for our continued success” says Etienne Bourdon, COO at HealthyHealth. “With an estimated 600’000 data points collected annually per person, we embedded a middleware technology that not only strengthens GDPR compliance but also scales our collection, use, and storage of lifestyle information.”

Connected health and P4 medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Personalised, Participatory) is a reality nowadays. Sensor technology, wearable devices and mobile apps are helping individuals monitor their health and alerting them to any early signs of illness. With lifestyle data, innovative players are developing value propositions that help insurers and businesses alike understand behavioural trends and score risk in a more granular way. Responsible P4 players are integrating privacy into their propositions to reinforce regulatory compliance, boost customer confidence and thereby increase engagement. streamlines compliance efforts and scales the process of collecting lifestyle data so that businesses can more efficiently perform risk calculations, offer personalised plans and optimise customer service.

“HealthyHealth is at the forefront of InsurTech innovation” says Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO at Pryv.  “Our partnership exemplifies a strong technology collaboration that unlocks the value of lifestyle data with behavioural analytics and an unwavering commitment to data privacy, protection and GDPR compliance”

Pryv helps organisations manage personal data from creation, to use, to sharing and enhanced GDPR rights such as transparency, portability and right-to-be-forgotten. The API is capable of ingesting high-throughput IoT data at scale and with optimal storage density. Packaged for rapid integration, the software solution comes with a secure storage vault, encryption protocols, fine-grained consent management and comprehensive auditing capability that radically cut IT development costs and accelerate time-to-benefit while addressing most stringent data protection requirements. Ltd is a company specialised in assessing precise individual health risks, with the ability to predict percentage risks for more than 800 medical conditions, hospitalisation and mortality. Using this data, a second product focuses on preventing the detected health risks by transforming digital data collected into prevention opportunities with a daily personalised plan including nutrition recommendations, physical and mental exercises. HealthyHealth is working with several (re-)Insurers, Employers and Hospitals internationally with two products : a B2B risk API for medical risk evaluation, and a B2B2C mobile App for end-users preventing detected risks. For more information, please send them an email or visit HealthyHealth website.