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Pryv and Interpolation join forces to deliver a unique Privacy-as-a-Service offering to Asian Markets

Lausanne, Switzerland, June. 15, 2018 — Pryv, the leading provider of privacy and personal data management software, today announced a milestone partnership with Interpolation, one of the leading IoT Platform in Asia ( enabling an end-to-end management of Industrial IoT solutions.

This new partnership is set to benefit customers in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines with an IoT platform-as-a-service offering meeting the highest levels of data safety, privacy and user empowerment. Both companies share vision that privacy is not an obstacle to business innovation but a competitive advantage when implemented correctly. This partnership will broaden the availability of to customers in Asia Pacific and enhance the way they cope with sensitive data collection and utilization.

In a second phase, both companies intend to extend collaboration to Europe.

Our partnership with Pryv aligns with our strategy to deliver best-of-breed IoT solutions that increase customer efficiency, productivity and quality of service” said Michiaki Satate, CEO at Interpolation. “Along our extensive experience in IoT and End-to-end solutions, we capitalize on Pryv’s expertise in data protection to design solutions that make the most of IoT connectivity while addressing markets’ strict regulation compliance, interoperability needs, and privacy concerns”

Businesses on the leading edge of data collection and usage are realizing that they will not be able to continue their existing business model without protecting consumers’ privacy. As data privacy increases in importance in Asia, Interpolation saw an opportunity to partner with one of the most rigorous privacy & data protection solution provider to deploy a platform where connectivity, secure personal data storage, consent management and compliance software is combined to offer businesses a comprehensive managed privacy service that improve transparency and user control regarding data privacy.

“We are pleased to welcome Interpolation to our partner network,” said Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO at Pryv “The partnership capitalizes on the unique strengths of each entity; Pryv brings the power of its rigorous Privacy software capability to one of the most established and well respected IoT technology solutions providers in Asia Pacific; Intepolation complements this by bringing the benefits of its expert services and long-term relationships with customers in Asia to Pryv.”

In its initial phase, the partnership will address the privacy and IoT connectivity imperatives in Industrial and healthcare sectors where service providers are looking at keeping up with evolving regulations and protecting data privacy.


Pryv is an independent software vendor, originating from the Swiss Federal institute of technology in Lausanne (EPFL), an environment well known for its ability to create thriving innovations and deliver on the Swiss values of quality, precision and reliability. The company helps organizations manage personal data from creation, to use, to sharing and enhanced rights such as transparency, portability and right-to-be-forgotten. Packaged for rapid integration, the software solution comes with turnkey IoT connectivity, secure storage vault, encryption protocols, fine-grained consent management and comprehensive auditing capability that radically cut IT development costs and accelerate time-to-benefit while addressing most stringent data protection requirements.


Interpolation’s corporate mission is to develop IIoT Solutions (Industrial Internet of Things Solutions) dedicated to infrastructures across the Globe with advanced IoT technologies. Interpolation’s Platform-as-a-Service enables Users to Manage Network/Sensor on various communication protocols, Visualize and Manage Storage in a single interface.

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