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Hot topic discussed in Nice: Pierre-Mikael shares our vision how to move “From needs to ideas”, “From ideas to innovation” and “From innovation to market”.

For better ageing.

Seniors are more susceptible to chronic conditions, which necessitate long-term treatments and numerous check-ups. The negative impact this has on patients’ quality of life can be alleviated by collaborations between caring institutions, ICT companies and researchers.

  • How can we encourage and fast-track these collaborations?
  • What are the key elements to ensure their funding and success?
  • What is the best-fitting business model?

Understanding the needs of the ageing population can prove challenging, as older people are not usually the focus of marketing studies.

However, the development of Big Data analysis, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence could provide researchers and innovators with meaningful information about the needs of seniors and their use of healthy ageing products.

Covering the needs and demands of seniors over 50, the Silver Economy covers many products and services using very different technologies, including home automation, sensors and connected objects.

How to sponsor the design of such a system?

Let’s learn together and explore further the specialised venture emerging in healthy ageing?