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Pryv SA closes 1.1M CHF Pre-Series A to accelerate growth and prepare Series A funding round.

Lausanne, Switzerland 17 October 2017

Pryv SA, an independent Swiss Health-IT company, specialized in providing innovative data management and digital privacy solutions, is proud to announce the capitalization of CHF 1.1M from two former and two new investors. This amount will be used to consolidate the company’s operations. Now, Pryv SA launches its Series A “Growth” funding round which is expected to be closed by Q1 2018.

Pierre-Mikael Legris Pryv’s CEO declares “ I am proud to have the trust of investors who share our vision on the importance of data privacy and compliance being an enabler of confidence and innovation. This rewards Pryv’s team efforts to develop and put on international markets the first privacy-by-design foundation solution. Nations and firms are taking privacy seriously and elaborate laws and rules protecting the individuals. This creates the needs for the industry to have enablers to pursue innovation in regulated environment. We will leverage on this funding to focus on our path to be the Standard for data privacy management.”

The round was led by Cosa Trade SA, a Swiss company with a wide-spectrum interest in SMEs, which are shaping out the future. “ We decided to invest in Pryv SA in first place because of the high quality of the full-skilled team’s expertise and the potential offered by the solutions developed by the company. The effortless integration of Pryv middleware and its proven adaptability to the customer’s’ environment have led Cosa Trade to take part in this exciting activity, especially in an era of increasing pressure coming from the Regulatory Authorities.

Cosa Trade SA, teams and resources will support Pryv SA in the deployment of its offering to all customers willing to embed quickly data compliance thanks to Pryv SA” said the management team of Cosa Trade.

Pryv SA has already established and collaborates with Innovation and R&D departments of Public and Private Institutions, including organizations from the Healthcare, Life-Science and Insurance Sectors. Pryv’s data and privacy management solution is used by them under commercial licensing agreements to develop data and user-centric solutions, such as Connected Medical Devices and Solutions for Continuum of Care and early detection of diseases, mHealth prevention platforms, Dynamic RWE Clinical Trials. The current round will enhance and scale-up the growth of the company.

About Pryv SA

Pryv SA, created 2012, is an independent Swiss Health-IT company, specialized in enabling sensitive, health and personal data management in cross-border and cross-industry global projects.

Pryv stands for privacy. At Pryv, “privacy” means the ability for anyone to collect and share personal information with awareness. The company developed a state-of-the-art software to address challenges still remaining to be solved, such regulatory threats; data privacy, interoperability and access rights management. To solve the challenges of data interoperability, contextualization and ownership, Pryv created a simple and powerful data model, which is open to facilitate integrations. Combined with the privacy-by-design approach, it allows 3rd parties, such as Healthcare, Insurance and Life Science organizations to use it as a foundation to build scalable patient- or individual-centric solutions.