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Engaged in strategic partnerships, Pryv reaches new heights

Pryv reaches success and new heights.

After the recent cooperation with Pistoia Alliance where Pryv joins to lower the barriers of adopting innovation in life sciences research and development, the company enters in a new strategic partnership with Nothing Interactive.

Pryv and Nothing Interactive team up to launch an innovative Swiss service that allows insurances to collect data of all their customer’s sources (Misfit™, Withings™ and any other wearables, health apps, etc.) and make sense of them using one single platform. The platform will be a fully customizable mHealth (“mobile health”) platform that enables insurances and/or their customers to better understand their data. Data is stored securely in Switzerland, following all EU and CH data protection regulations.

Pryv addresses the IT, Legal and Data challenges by providing the Life Science and Health industries a technology solution that enables data collection and standardization, storage and distribution, while allowing different and multi-algorithms to be used to identify patterns and outcomes. (Pryv eHealth Middleware,

The company’s vision for success is based on establishing collaborative partnerships for sustainable adoption of eHealth, mHealth, real-world data in cross-industry sectors, preserving data privacy and security.

Pryv enters a growth phase and plans to expand to new markets, targeting primarily Asia-Pacific Area, Canada and US. Philippe Rey from L’Agefi writes about the company’s achievement and next milestones in L’Agefi edition on June, 6th, 2017.

About Pryv SA

Pryv SA is a Swiss independent SME founded in 2012, with the mission to promote, develop and implement Health IT patient-centric solutions across the healthcare industry. Pryv SA develops and sells licenses of a trusted Swiss-made and validated eHealth Data Middleware to empower Pharma, Hospital/ Clinic, Medtech, Digital Health and Insurance organisations to build compliant, innovative and scalable data-driven eHealth products with confidence, reduced time and IT expenses while respecting complex Data Privacy Regulations.

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Source of information and Photo credits: Philippe Rey, L’Agefi