Data Privacy Management, Pryv

Pryv CEO, Pierre-Mikael Legris, shares what it is to be an empowered patient

Pierre-Mikael Legris shares his experience as a patient and how by tracking himself he managed to spend more time outside of hospitals during his treatments.

Having achieved significant health and social outcomes he has proofed the real-world data coming from the patient-side is crucial for his medical treatments. As a software engineer he decided to give the opportunity other patients be empowered as he was.

Today, Pryv SA is established as a company headquartered in Switzerland, but solving global challenges in the changing healthcare industry where the personal, social and environmental data contextualization with the medical and clinical datasets and information, is more valuable than gold.

The personalized medicine and treatments are not anymore a dream, but a clear vision for the industry to achieve benefits for all. Headed by Pierre-Mikael, since 2014 Pryv cooperates with Hospitals, Pharma, Medtech, Biotech and InsurTech industries and positions itself as the technology enabler for the development of next generation, patient-centric and data-driven healthcare products.

Join him in Barcelona during the Health 2.0 Conference 2017 from 3rd to 5th of May where more than 600 international digital health stakeholders and decision-makers will meet to build thought-provoking panels, provide lots of rapid-fire LIVE technology demos and perform high-level quality networking.