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Pryv goes international with the support of the Swiss Venture Leaders Technology Program. First stop: Silicon Valley, US

“At this stage, having already a fully developed, validated and commercialized product, Pryv begins the execution of its “Growth Strategy”, which includes an investigation of the U.S market opportunities. Silicon Valley is in particular one of our business development destinations because the area allows for a direct access to a well-developed ecosystem of innovative-thinking entrepreneurs, investors and technology adopters to share our vision and innovation with.” says Evelina Georgieva, Chief Business Development Officer and a Founding Member of Pryv.

The Venture Leaders Technology program is beneficial for the further development of our company since it supports our growth by:

  • Providing us an access to an international network;
  • Opening doors to other entrepreneurs with whom to exchange experience;
  • Giving a direct access to measure existing technology gaps and opportunities within Silicon Valley and beyond;
  • Allowing us to evaluate in practice tactics for winning value-based partnerships with local Key Opinion and Market Leaders;
  • Providing opportunities for acquiring new customers by leveraging on their buying behavior of innovative high-technology products. ” completes Evelina.

From March 27th to April 1st, 2017, 10 innovative Swiss startups will go international with the venture leaders Technology in Silicon Valley, as part of the Swiss National Startup Team.

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Photo credits: / venturelab