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Pryv wins 120’000 USD from Microsoft

Pryv was selected to join Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus Program and benefits from $ 120,000 Microsoft Azure credit over two years.

This award fits perfectly the execution of Pryv Growth Strategy.

Founded in 2012, Pryv already developed, validated and commercialized its product,, which is used by Medtech, Pharma, Insurances and Hospitals for the development of data-driven innovative products.

Digital Technologies are changing the landscape of Healthcare and the market shows exponential growth with opportunities for Pryv to internationalize and scale-up in different markets.

Ilia Kebets, Product Manager at Pryv, explains that the decision for collaboration with Microsoft came on first place because “Having a deployment running on Azure globally distributed data centres, is definitely a great show-case of capacity which enables Pryv customers to use a single provider for developing various products which can be operated in more than 34 regions around the world.

Pryv’s technology key advantage is the compatibility to meet very diverse IT, ethical and legal requirements for personal, sensitive, medical and clinical data management.

Targeting the healthcare sector, Pryv’s focus is solving technology diversification, approaching the IT and Regulatory requirements associated with sensitive, health and private data collection and management while respecting local regulations and international cross-industry standards and preserving Data Security and Privacy.

Pryv is created with the ambition to develop and promote a technology solution which is to be used for the design of patient-centric healthcare products, where the personal and real-world data have a crucial impact on the personalized care and treatments.” said Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO and co-founder of Pryv.

Following its company’s values, the team of Pryv always work by serving their customer-interests first. Thus, the collaboration with Microsoft and its program BizSpark Plus will “certainly comfort our customers on their capabilities to run Middleware solutions deployed on Azure.“ said Hubert Ridolphi Chief Sales Officer at Pryv.

We also proved that by applying our winning cross-industry approach, which enables heterogeneous data acquisition and logic to be applied for outlining the meaningful data- patterns, brings unlimited outcomes and great cost-savings for the entire ecosystem. Managing very sensitive and personal data pushes us in the direction of preserving Ethics, Data Privacy and Security First. The combination of Pryv Vision’s assets brings to our customers confidence in the development of Personalized healthcare solutions to enhance Better care and Quality of Life.” completes Evelina Georgieva, Chief Business Development Officer and Founding member of Pryv.

Pryv’s team has already started the execution of Pryv Growth Strategy, having as the crucial element for the development of next level, data-centric healthcare products. Pryv works with companies across the entire ecosystem and will leverage on that in order to have set-up as an industry standard by 2022.

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