Data Privacy Management, Pryv


The new Swiss startup Technology team 2017 will shine in Silicon Valley and impact the world

We are very proud and excited about being part of the new Swiss startup Technology team 2017 that will shine in Silicon Valley and impact the world.

The winners of venture leaders Technology 2017 have been selected among more than 100 applications and convinced a jury comprising investors from Waypoint Capital, Rothschild Bank and Swisscom Ventures.

Pryv, Evelina Georgieva (eHealth, Internet of Things, EPF Lausanne)

The upsurge of eHealth, Medical apps and connected-remote monitoring medical devices comes with the promise to design and promote the next generation of personalized healthcare, patients’ awareness and better healthcare services. However, significant challenges remain to be solved, such as regulatory issues, data security and privacy, interoperability and integration issues. Pryv’s focus is on the design and commercialization of compliant data management software solutions. They developed and sell licenses of a trusted Swiss-made and validated eHealth Data Middleware to empower their customers (Pharma, Hospitals/ Clinics, Medtech, Digital Health, Insurances) to build compliant, innovative and scalable data-driven eHealth products with confidence, reduced time and IT expenses while respecting complex Data Privacy Regulations.