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MEDUDEM AG and Pryv SA team up to jointly develop a next generation eHealth solutions

Zurich and Lausanne – Switzerland, 05.10.2016.

MEDUDEM AG and Pryv SA announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop a next generation eHealth solution that supports people living with chronic diseases.

The goal of this collaboration is to bring value to all stakeholders in healthcare including life science companies and insurers. The joint partnership aims to improve health outcomes by enhancing the collaboration and communication among health care organizations and patients, and by facilitating access to data driven decisions.


MEDUDEM AG is a Zurich based Swiss company in the digital health care sector that focuses on the improvement of collaboration and communication of all participants involved around chronic diseases with its readily available, IHE compatible, mobile and web-based solutions Care Integrator® and Healthbrain®.

About Pryv SA:

Pryv, a Lausanne based Swiss company, is specialised in sensitive and health data management. Pryv develops and licenses trusted eHealth Data Middleware solutions to empower Medtech, Pharma, Life-Science and other healthcare related organisations to deploy their innovative eHealth solutions with confidence, reduced time and IT expenses.

Pryv OEM eHealth Middleware,, is hot pluggable and scalable, it enables effortless collection, structuring, storage and segregation of heterogeneous data (personal, health, medical, clinical and environmental) while ensuring medical-grade security, data interoperability, legal and compliance adaptability.

Commenting on the announcement, Pryv Founder and CEO Pierre-Mikael Legris said, “We are pleased to partner with MEDUDEM AG, Pryv is excited that our Patient Service Oriented Architecture (POA) will be proposed on Medudem’s premium services. Combining our strengths will accelerate the Industry recognition of our expertise in EHealth Data Compliance Management and enable Swiss Health Professionals to gain an efficient access to health information and share it with privacy with their patients suffering from chronic diseases.”
Urs Wittwer, founder and CEO of MEDUDEM AG added: “Through this cooperation our customers and patients will vastly benefit as the integration of mobile devices will become a lot easier. It will facilitate access to important health and benefits-related information and support clinical decisions. It will aid remote patient monitoring and empower patients to take a more proactive role in managing their health.”

Contact Pryv: Evelina Giorgieva, Pryv SA, Innovation Park Building D, EPFL, 1015 Lausanne.

Contact MEDUDEM: Urs Wittwer, MEDUDEM AG, Räffelstrasse 28, 8045 Zürich.