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Pryv “Fast Track” Development Kit

Similar to Life, development is a constant stream of choices: Should you focus your development efforts on launching as early as possible? Or better focus on achieving scalability? Proving compliance? Getting certifications done? Managing the data, correctly? Winning on the UI/UX? …

Sometimes not making a choice is still a choice: we made this work for you, having all at once. 

We developed to optimise and de-risk your data management development efforts: from taking care of the entire data-lifecycle, enabling fast data integration, effortless data securing and auditing, ensuring data protection and privacy compliance and delivering to you a scalable data management solution, so you can handle the data of millions, under your control. And the best is yet to come: delivered to you in less than 5 days (!) is available open-source:

 Fast, agile and reliable personal data & consent management solution, at no cost

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