It is my job as a father to be better at media and privacy education

My kids are now 10 and 11. As any kids that age, they do spend significant time on their ipads, iphones, PSvita, Whatsapp, Instagram…

They do share lots of personal stuff with their friends and they never get close to consider privacy issues, customer profiling..

To them, this is “normal” communication in the best possible world.  In the meantime, many companies have started collecting data on them and building a complete profile of who they are, what they say, what they like.

Is there anything wrong with this ? It sure is an arguable point depending on your ethics and principles.

My goal is to get them to understand that their data belongs to them, and what they share should be limited to whom they share it with.  I told them that this data has value and they should profit from it if anyone.

So they started using Pryv to collect very personal stuff, including their journal and their favorite pics. This personal stuff is shared with only a few close friends. Surely they spend most of their online time on other highly popular services but those first steps into Pryv help them grasp the concept of casual data versus personal data.